Crystal glass in common

05/12/2020 23:52

Crystal glass in common

Our company represents a wide range of glass  supply for every type of drinks and occasions.

Elegance and thisness for reachable price.

The history of the crystal glass looks back to long past. Masterfully wrought and artistic elaborated crystal glasses, and glass bottles have been produced since the XVI. century.

Gastronomy was already in the ancient times in the centre of interest; it was interpreted as art; that is why the citizens, who were wealthier and took care for the details selected the tools of the eating and drinking with high demand. The cups and glasses were attentive on this field, the tendency:

„Choose the appropriate glass to the occasion/drink”

- remains unchanged until nowadays.

Crystal cup or crystal glass?

 Well, this is a frequently returning question. Basically, we might say, the cup is such a glass type which has a stem as well, while the glass is usually a cylindrical-oval unit. The expression of the stem glass refers to the cup: stem (pes), chalice (cuppa); in Greek poterion, in Latin calix. The crystal glass supply of our company represents a wide range of supply for every type of drinks and occasions. Elegance and the thisness. A crystal glass produced by the Black Crystal represents in every case the highest category, in case of lead crystal or modern crystal glass (lead free crystal).

Our crystal glasses, crystal cups make the festive meals, the important moments more impressive. The whiskey in a crystal glass is very masculin, as the clinking of crystal glasses with champagne makes a romantic dinner unforgettable.

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