Crystal short drink glass for those, who like quality and beauty

05/12/2020 23:47

Crystal short drink glass for those, who like quality and beauty

The crystal short drink glass by its elegance is fully suitable for the condign consumption of short drinks/pálinkás of high quality. Check out our offer!

During the production of our crystal short drink glasses we prefer the classic, traditional form, because the form of a real short drink glass is pre-determined from the point of view of the functionality, aesthetics and tradition.

Our crystal short drink glasses have special etchworks and while we have kept and improved the most optimal character of their figure we have also aspired to the speciality and individuality of the artistic ornamentation of the glass surface.

The Fire, Victoria, and Viola short drink glasses offer a stylish supply for the costumers who take care of the quality and beauty.

Could the short drink glass make the table cover festive?

Yes, it is not necessary to buy a new dinner set to achive the goal.

It is enough to buy some crystal spirit glass and put them on the covered table.

The crystal short drink glass can immediately make a festive atmosphere in your dining room. The misterious glitter of the glasses glint in the wan light makes the most common table cover festive in a minute as well.

It can happen that you do not need to use the table set inheritabled from your grandmoter because the crystal makes festive impression placed next to the simpliest plates as well. Moreover, you can increase the festive atmosphere by the time of arrival of the guests you immediately serve the welcome drinks in a crystal short drink glass. So it will be clear for your guests that for you their presence is more important on the family occasion or meeting with friends.

The crystal short drink glass stands on it’s ground in the weekdays as well, because after a long and tiring day everybody like to drink a relaxing dring with their partner. Why don’t clink glasses for a toast with a crystal short drink glass? From a lovely glass the drink tastes better that is why it is iportant to specify the manner in which we drink short drink.

A birthday or nameday is close in the family?

Do not drag your brain what to buy, give just a crystal short drink cup as a gift! The crystal short drink glass is namely the most perfect gift to somebody, because the hand made gift represents a real value! If you would like to fascinate your guest or maybe you are interested in the Black Crystal short drink glasses as a gift you are on the right place. Our glass sets with masterful etchworks are future-proof, exclusive and unique pieces.

Check out our offer!

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