Crystal whisky glass of the best quality

06/12/2020 00:00

Crystal whisky glass of the best quality

You can choose from the wide range of our crystal whisky glass selection according to your taste and goal. Check out our qualitative offer!

You  can expansiveliy and detailed choose from our wide selection of crystal whisky glasses according to your needs (gift, usage in the catering industry). You can choose the most appropriate type by the form, design and size. Besides it is essential that our whisky glasses have a wide range of usage possibilities; they were made fundamentally to serve whisky but they also proper for other drinks as well.

The whisky glasses similar to other short drink glasses made of that technic, which leads the steaming odour to our nose. The tradition of whisky consumption requires the simple clear form and the straight or slightly oval glass wall. As whisky has high alcohol content, it steams quick and intensively, so that it’s fragrances creep out according to this feature.

Why is the crystal whisky glass set so popular?

The crystal whisky glass usually turns up when a guest comes, because to be honest this kind of glass is too nobel to drink alone from it at home; but when a guest comes we like to blew with our drink set. The meaning of our crystal whisky glass selection is that we are not teenager anymore, we drink beverages of good quality which makes an evening or a relaxing afternoon more pleasant and we do it all of everything.

The crystal glasses are beloved because it is wonderful how the light breaks on the unique designs and thus plays with the colour of the drink. It is even beautiful when we fill the glass with clear drink. There are simpler whisky glasses wich are also beloved in the weekdays because they are good for everything. Children love to drink from the smaller type of these glasses and housewives use it for measurer as well.

The crystal whisky glass is not a casual thing, because it is really only used when something special is celebrated, or a special guest comes or a special drink is offered. The crystal glass is an essential utensil of a restaurant or a bar; there a bigger choice from these glasses is needed, so that the guest becomes the drink from the appropriate glass.

The crystal whisky glass is also a perfect gift because with it’s speciality and fragility we accent that the person who receives this is also special to us.

Our crystal whisky glasses made of with unique etchwork, with real masterwork.

Choose the glass you like and order it from us! Your guests will be fascinated from the spectacle which will make the intimate rite of whisky consumption perfect.  Or imagine that, what a harmony you can create on a relaxing afternoon with your favourite whisky drinking from a special formed whisky glass!

Check out our crystal whisky glass offer!

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