Wide range of crystal wine cups

05/12/2020 23:31

Wide range of crystal wine cups

Our  hand cutted crystal cups, crystal glasses  create inimitable feeling and atmosphere for the wine tasting.

 The crystal wine cup is one of the most popular pieces in demand. We have a wide range of cups in form, decoration, function (suitable for red- and white wines) for our customers. Our  crystal wine cups, crystal wine glasses  create inimitable feeling and atmosphere for the wine tasting if it is a conversation with friend (with a light wine wine, for example with chocolate), or contemplation, writing or thinking alone (red wine with a good body, for example with cabernet sauvignon).

The wine drining has recently it’s reneissance in our country. According to it the demand for the accessories related to wine consumption is even higher; first of all and above all for the glasses related to wine consumption is even higher. A beautiful, lead crystal wine glass set could be a special jewellery of your home and coud be the constant part of the wine drinking during conversation with friends or of cultivated way of wine consumption which is very fancy nowadays.

The etched, masterly decorated crystal wine glass goes for a lord of the wine glasses. The traditional, self produced cup types has thousand years origin. They create an aristic, wonderful balanced, harmonic atmosphere with their elegance, and with the atmosphere which they emiss.

Why is it important, how the crystal wine glass looks like?

A lot of people do not know how to drink properly these excellent wines with high quality. Although, let’s admit it, if we buy an excellent wine, we shoud show off our pride of the wine consumption! A wine of a high quality could lost a lot of it’s value if we do not drink it from the proper glass. Accordingly if you like wine,  you had better to buy some wine glasses. With the selection of the appropriate glass we honour the delicious wines.

Browse our offer! We are sure that you will find what you have looked for.

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