Crystal bowls with handmade engraving in outstanding quality

05/12/2020 23:55

Crystal bowls with handmade engraving in outstanding quality

Crystal bowls together with the handmade engraving are products commanding outstanding artistic value. Choose the glitter of crystal for your home!

A crystal bowl is the decorative item with the most diverse functions. It’s excellent for serving fruits, seeds, or biscuits, but it is also a beautiful piece of art by itself. What’s more! It’s also excellent for preparing a punch, depending on its size.

The crystal bowls are available with a base or without a base. The crystal bowls with a base radiate greater elegance with their more slender shape caused by the base. The artistic decorations created by our artists make this gracious shape absolutely radiant, as a result of which beside their functionality the beauty of the engraving and the shape is increasingly emphasized. This makes the crystal bowls suitable for home decoration by themselves. Just as vases. If you search your memory you may remember (as old as Roman age) pictures, where the table decoration was a bowl instead of a vase.

Is a crystal bowl of a crystal vase a better decoration for your home by itself?

In reality, both of them! The crystal bowls and vases among our products are available in diverse shape variations. And the possibilities provided by engraving are endless. The combination of these two creates the infinite forms of appearance of crystal bowls, which makes them suitable to fit into the characteristic style of practically every home.   

Are crystal bowls available in a set?

Yes! This is a new function of these exceptionally beautiful products. Besides the large size crystal bowls, small size, so-called ‘bowl-lets’ are also available. These can be purchased and used even together with the large bowls as a set.

Finally, a little curiosity! If you chime a crystal bowl, it generally has a finer sound than chiming a vase. This is primarily a result of the bowl’s shape.

View our crystal bowl selection, so these unparalleled beauties may decorate your home as well.

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