Hunter crystal glasses for hunting fans!

06/12/2020 00:02

Hunter crystal glasses for hunting fans!

Select from among the products of Black Crystal that depict the moments of hunting with various animal figures, for yourself and your acquaintances. View our selection!

Hunter crystal glasses are the perfect choice for hunters and hunting fans.

By looking at the glasses the unforgettable memories are relived which people can only experience during hunting.

At Black Crystal the raw material of hunter crystal glasses is crystal or lead crystal, the beauty of which is deserving of a toast after hunting. The shapes befitting most types of drinks are included in the series, enhanced by images depicting various animals. Hunter crystal glasses are made by careful and skilled hands. We can place 15 animal figures on the glasses, and on top of this we can also display any other animal upon request. Just imagine how royal the moment is when the flame of the fire lit after a hunt is dancing glitteringly on the surface of a hunter crystal glass.

Hunter crystal glass gifts represent extraordinary presents, since beside the usual crystal decoration techniques the depiction of an animal figure characteristic of hunting is a new challenge for our staff members. But the result speaks for itself, a product radiating with an extraordinary atmosphere, reminiscent of hunting memories was created. 

Did you know that unique and individual animal figures can be displayed on hunter crystal glasses?

The hunter crystal glasses on top of the previously mentioned standard figures, can be ordered with any animal figure. Including any African, Asian or even Alaskan animal. If the customer orders the hunter crystal glass with an individual animal figure, we have to charge an individual price, because the creation of the new design requires extra work. For this our staff members only need a good quality picture for the designing, and we have already made your hunter crystal glass gift individually unique.

View our selection! We are certain that you will find the hunter crystal glass gift you like!

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