Crystal beer glass with handmade decoration

05/12/2020 23:53

Crystal beer glass with handmade decoration

Crystal beer glasses are one of the features of elegant beer consumption. For this, here you can find everything according to your taste.

Crystal beer glass in a tasteful shape, made for unique desires. In the broad selection of our tall glasses you can easily find your favorite piece among the various sizes and diverse decorations.

Our crystal beer glasses are also unique masterpieces, there are no two completely identical glasses, the tiny differences between each of them radiate with separate individuality. Each and every piece boasts its own unique handmade decoration. It is characteristic of our crystal beer glasses that they are glass types which can be used in a wide variety of situations. Beside beer, we mainly recommend them for the consumption of soft drinks.

An exclusive crystal beer glass radiates with elegance and strength!

Similarly to chalices, you should be careful when you clink together the beer glasses, since the thought may be tempting to clink the glasses when saying a toast, but you must consider that crystal glasses are not as durable as everyday beer mugs.

It’s an exceptional experience to enjoy a good Pilsen beer or a fine lager drinking from a crystal beer chalice. Order your favorite crystal beer glass set from us, so you can serve the sparkling-foamy nectar to your beer lover friends and relatives on special occasions in crystal glasses.  

The beer glasses and chalices of Black Crystal can serve as excellent pieces in the glass sets of restaurants and hotels. With our crystal glasses you can make your restaurant’s service style special.  

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