A broad selection of crystal cocktail chalices

05/12/2020 23:41

A broad selection of crystal cocktail chalices

Make the moment of cocktail drinking perfect! We offer a broad selection of crystal cocktail chalices, view our selection.

We offer a broad selection of crystal cocktail chalices, since we strive to satisfy the style of cocktail consumption, the desires of cocktail consumers, from those who prefer tradition all the way to the consumers who love extravagant solutions. A crystal cocktail chalice is significantly different from everyday common cocktail glasses. From the aspect of the form and shape, the sharper curves of chalices, we didn’t diverge from the usual trends, but the crystal version provides an unparalleled experience from the viewpoint of grip and atmosphere. Drinking your favorite cocktails from a crystal glass is always extraordinary, always a bit more. Our crystal cocktail chalices are regal, serious, extremely elegant, at the same time there is a coyness and elegant trendiness in the atmosphere they radiate.   

For a cocktail loving friend a crystal cocktail chalice set in a decorated box can be an unmatched unique gift. You can be certain that in this way the gift will be an enduring value, and it will surely bring joy.

Is the crystal cocktail chalice also handmade, just as the cocktail itself?

Of course! This is exactly the reason why the atmosphere of the crystal cocktail chalice fits cocktail drinking more perfectly. Just think about it! The uniquely prepared drink in your hands is poured into a real crystal chalice made by artists. Perfect harmony! We can even enhance this harmony, since the pattern of the engraving etched on the side of the crystal cocktail chalice can further deepen the connection between the drink and the chalice. Our selection is broad, from the more refined patters all the way to the wilder artistic engravings depicting a flame.

If you desire a truly unique crystal cocktail chalice set, you are in the right place. Browse as you wish, we are certain that you will find a piece that is befitting for you or your friends.