Crystal candle holders to create a festive atmosphere

05/12/2020 23:38

Crystal candle holders to create a festive atmosphere

A crystal candle holder is the perfect and practically indispensable accessory of a nicely made table to create a festive atmosphere.

Crystal candle holders are among the most popular gift items, which we make not of common glass but glittering crystal. But why are these crystal gift items so enchanting?

Why are we unable to resist a fabulously glittering crystal candle holder?

The key to this secret is actually in the material the candle holders are made of. Specifically, the material of crystal candle holders is not common glass! Crystal candle holders are made of lead crystal, or so-called crystal glass (lead-free crystal), this is the reason why the candle holders become expressly glittering and shiny.

However, these products aren’t so popular just because of their appearance, rather because in contrast with mass produced simple glass products, crystal candle holders are made by hand shaping. The most skilled and most experienced glass-blowing masters are the craftsmen who produce these unique and special crystal candle holders.

The wonderful patterns and ornamentations are also made by hand, specifically with acid etching or polishing. Therefore, those who know how these crystal candle holders are made, also realize the great care and attention devoted to their production. Thus, crystal candle holders represent considerable value, since these enchanting pieces are created by human hands. Knowing all this it’s also understandable why crystal candle holders are such popular gifts.

At the same time it’s important to know that if they are made of lead crystal, which is a “softer material” than the average glass, much greater attention must be devoted to the handling of crystal products! Specifically, for these crystal candle holders to retain their glitter, shine and beauty for a long time without damage, absolutely careful and cautious use is necessary!

You can view our crystal candle holder selection here!

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