Crystal brandy cup with traditional and modern decoration

05/12/2020 23:36

Crystal brandy cup with traditional and modern decoration

You find under our crystal brandy cup supply the products with traditional and moder decoration as well. Be elegant by the brandy consumption, too!

The crystal brandy cup is inspired to represent the classical forms.

The etchworks brought into being by artistic hands result a widely dissimilar, from the average different, totally original lead crystal cup collection.

The same characteristic of the different brandy types is, as in case of the other hard drinks it is also important here, that the glass should serve the  redolence of the drinks in the most optimal way, that is why the crystal brandy cup have a short stem and bigger foot.

Their volumetric capacity is bigger, but we do not fill in the glass more than the quarter of it. The evaporation and the perfect way of the benzophenone of the drinks becomes secured this way and so can we enjoy our favourite brandy.

Is the crystal brandy cup made with hand cut?

Yes! All of the crystal brandy cups are decorated with etchworks, so you will surely find the glass set wich passes to your habitus and attitude of life.

A  carefully choosen lead crystal brandy glass set could be an ideal gift to family members and friends. Elegant, stylish, delightful surprise, if our brandy-lover friend likes the singularity and open minded to special things.

Check out our crystal brandy cup offer!

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