Astrological sign, horoscope crystal glass

05/12/2020 23:30

Astrological sign, horoscope crystal glass

Astrological sign, horoscope crystal glass from Ajka. Give the gift of a crystal glass to your friends or acquaintances decorated by their own astrological sign!

No matter the occasion an astrological sign, horoscope crystal glass is always a great surprise, since it’s not directly connected to any specific holiday. It can be given as a gift to anyone at any time, independently of gender and age. It’s a great gift idea for Christmas, birthday, name-day, or even without a special occasion.

Our astrological sign crystal glasses display the symbols of western astrology in two styles.

We produce engraved astrological sign crystal glasses based on modern and more traditional designs. We recommend the modern astrological sign crystal glasses to those who prefer a little more conceptual depictions. Those who prefer the usual depictions will find their own astrological sign in the other series.

One of the extraordinary features of astrological sign crystal glasses is that as a result of the personal characteristics of these products they help discretely distinguish between the glasses at occasions where several people are present. Special atmosphere is also their characteristic, which is a result of the glitter of the crystal as well as the shape of the astrological sign that emerges from the shining. Because of these characteristics the horoscope crystal glasses are pleasant surprises even if we don’t purchase a sign glass for specific person, rather buy a set for the purpose of using it.

For those who are into astrology a sign or an astrological sign crystal glass may convey a lot of hidden information just by its appearance. It may call attention to several characteristic feature related to its owner. Sometimes horoscopes and astrological signs assist in the selection of romantic partners.

Is the astrological sign crystal glass handmade?

Yes, of course, it’s handmade. The only difference is that in the process of creating our astrological sign crystal glasses we use several glass decoration techniques, than in the case of a glass with a simpler décor. As a result of this designing them takes a longer time

Another curiosity about the design of our horoscope crystal glasses!

In the process of the design we asked the assistance of the visitors of our Facebook page in the selection of the best design plans.

Browse our selectin! We are certain that you will find the astrological sign gift you like.

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