Crystal as an exclusive stock- crystal products

05/12/2020 23:27

Crystal as an exclusive stock- crystal products

We wait for our client with a wide range of crystal vases, crystal glasses, crystal bowls, crystal dishes, crystal chalets, and other crystal products.

If we talk about crystal products Ajka crystal comes immediately to our mind which is not by accident, because the glassfabricants in Ajka have been produced the wonderful glass products from the middle of the 19th century.

Later, at the end of the century due to settlement of the Bavarian and Saxon glass fabricants the glass production picked up and got fame. The glass-making looks back to a millenial past, during this time the mankind could learn that they could produce different kind of glass of different quality from different ground materials and additives. This past gives such a self confidence to the glass-making industry so that the unbroken succes is guaranteed to the future as well. The diversity of the glass-making industry gives the renewable technology, the excellent designers and the new ground materials.

The production of the crystal glasses can happen in more ways.

The traditional lead crystal is produced with melting: if the melt reaches the appropriate degree, lead-oxid will be blended to it, which has 24% in the melt. Thanks to this material has the lead crystal bigger specific gravity and shine, and the sign „24% PbO” on the matrices shows that, too. After the melt cools down different crystal forms can be produced with pressure or with blow or with the usage of the two techniques in the same time. After that these lead crystal products can be decorated with glass cut.

This traditional lead crystal is developed to nowadays, a modern, environmental-friendly lead-free crystal is created.

The new type of crystal keeped all the positive features of the lead crystal and it is moreover resistant to the mechanic damages.

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