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About us

Black Crystal distributes crystal procucts made of manual grinding in Ajka since 1994.  We try to serve the widest demands in the domestic and foreign markets, too. Our webshops are available for costumers in more countries worldwide. Our products consist of various crystal products, glassware, vases, bowls and other decorative objects.

All of our employees work with the maximum consideration the customer conceptions.

We devote great care to the quality of our distributed products and the correct information.

Constant innovation is important for us, that is why we call on our regular partners with our new ideas. Our products consist of various table goods, (vases, ashtrays, bowls) cups, glasses, etc.

We also produce representative gifts and company presents where the company logo is shown on the product or on the boxes.

We highly take care of that just products of excellent quality leave our storehouses. In addition to our constantly produced items we also deal with realization of unique ideas.

About the production of crystal products

Our products are decorated with manual grinding. By this procedure the sample is designed first, with taking into consideration the parameters of the grinding wheel and the product we are working with. After the planning the first „test” item will be made, where it is controlled that the grounded product can be worked as planned.

Black Crystal working place

The major points of intersection –which are drawn by hand during the designation – are determined, which are the fix points of the finishing process.

After these nets which consist of mainly horisontal and vertical lines get up to the products the grinding process can begin. In this workphase only those work who has the appropriate education. Those who choose this profession learn the grounds of this profession for more years and by using these knowledge improve their technic to a master level from year to year.

The production itself happens on a manual way, that the lead crystal form (its weight could be more kilogramms) is kept in the air and pressed to the grinding wheel with fine movements.

The precise work and the constant concentration is essential during the production as a wrong movement can occure a cut on the product which was not planned. Such a „wrong movement” can mean the unsealablement of the product; it means a faulty product of more 10 000 Ft-s. After the grinding process. Matt surfaces of the products that remain after grinding or burning-off are chemically polished using special polishing devices, where a mixture of sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids are applied. The acid process is also a handwork; during this process the shine of the workproduct is continually checked. After this step the product goes back to grinding room where the workers finish the last lines on the product. These processes mean mainly very thin lines (0,5mm). At the and of the workphase the cleaning and wrapping of the products happens also with hand.

Basic materials of the crystal products

We work mainly with two basic materials. The traditional material is the lead crystal, and the lead free crystal which has been developed in the past few years.

Black Crystal hot glass

Lead crystal

Lead crystal is produced with melting. One of the important component of its material is the lead-oxid, which has 24% proportion in the melt. Due to this material the lead crystal becomes more shiny and heavy. This fact shows also the „24%Pbo” sign on the product. From this material different costumer goods and decorations are made with blowing or pressing process. These products can be decorated on a different way, for example manual grinding.

Lead free crystal

By developing the composition of the traditional lead crystal lead free crystal has been developed. The new material preserved the colour, shine and glance of the traditional lead crystal but it was lighter and resistant to mechanic impacts and damages. Its production is also cheaper due to the modern manufacturing and chemistry. It is important to minimalise the lead burden of the natural environment. Due to its positive features this modern material conquested the world.

The lead free crystal is also produced with melting. Characteristic to its material, that the wished colour and shine will reached with minimising the lead oxid and adding more titanium oxide. Thanks to these materials the measured phisical and optical characteristics show the same (or sometimes more) value as in case of the lead crystal. From this material different costumer goods and decorations are made with blowing or pressing process. These products can be decorated in a different way, for example manual grinding. By the time of the decoration the product should be pressed to the grinding wheel with more power because the material is harder as the lead crystal.



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